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Our Story

The Faith Journey

Faith Assembly was born in February 1994 after a feeling of leadership in the hearts of a small group of people. There was in their minds a need for a Spirit Led Church that would reach out and minister to the communities in Clarke County. Thus, Faith Assembly came to be. The name Faith was chosen because it seemed to take a great step of faith to begin a church from the roots.
In search of a place to meet together and worship, Lynn and Patsy Todd opened the doors of Old Heritage School and made it available to us. We are forever grateful for their vision shared with us. Some of our most exciting and happy days were at Old Heritage. We quickly out grew the facility and had to begin two services on Sunday to accommodate our Church family, which had grown to over 100 in a few months.
Needing to move from Old Heritage because school was about to begin we were then blessed to be able to use the Clarke County Baptist Center in Quitman rent free for the next six months. Many great services and memories were shared there as we continued to grow. At the end of six months we had to again find a place to worship. Once again we were blessed as J.R. and Norma Jean Hamrick had some friends who had pastored at New Bethel Baptist Church 18 miles from Quitman, which had been closed for some years, they offered their facilities to us, again free of charge. We worshiped therefor a year and enjoyed our new found freedom, we had great services, seeing some saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. The place where we prayed trully was shaken. Most Sunday school classes were held outside due to limited space, but our spirits were encouraged for we knew God had a plan for us.
We continued to look for and pray for a place to build a Church that was ours, to raise our children, see them marry, minister and grow generation after generation. We were able to purchase land from Tommy and Gay Lynn Price, which is where Faith Assembly is now located. Later we added the addition of Sunday school rooms, Youth room, and Fellowship Hall.
We are so proud of the hard work of our dedicated leaders and teachers. It takes everyone to reach the community. Our challenges have been to equip ourselves to reach, teach, and keep people for Jesus. Our mandate continues to be "each family add a family".
I Pastor Farmer and my family have been privileged to be the Pastor of a wonderful Church family. Our desire is to follow the Lord as He directs the future ministry of Faith Assembly.

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